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Director.Art director. Producer

Shay Tova Govhary Saldis

Director, Creative Producer, Production Designer


i am a great believer in listening, creating out of joy and responsibility.

 I love to share my ability in a creative process to explore meaningful connections who come from different worlds in ,style, image, color, sound, text ,story, various film techniques ,spirit

and to assimilate them in a fresh expression combined with the needs ,wishes and dreams of my partners and clients ,to create together  a one of a kind product!

I am here to create unique, precise and professional films. 

guided by my passion to creativity in : thinking, feeling, sensing ,imagining.envision

communicating  and executing! 

I always think that each  project has its own special needs like a puzzle .

that needs to be understood. I find it very exciting to unravel and to see it.


 I have more than 12 years of experience working with crew and clients, on sets, creative processes, concept building, problem solving, production, management ,directing lots of creativity.

Writing and developing original content such as: visuals, narrative, commercials,

fringe art, fresh, queer, sensitive,Berlin style, music video etc.

At work I emphasize being kind, open, attentive and cooperative

to  see the whole picture and its small details .

Graduated from the visual and multidisciplinary theater school and film school.

Berlin based since 2018  . 

.These days i am writing  my first feature film.


call  me : (+49)15145513563 

write me

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